Spencer's Retreat 

A fun, safe and understanding environment for children with special needs and their families.

Our Vision

The heart of our vision is to provide children with special needs and their families a safe space to unwind, explore and learn, reducing anxiety and creating positive experiences.

Creating secure enclosures for our animals so that children can interact safely with them and learn about their care. ​ 
Interaction with animals is incredibly therapeutic and beneficial to the whole family as it can lower anxiety, stress and depression. ​
The retreat will be available to families to book a session rather than it being open to the public meaning that it never gets busy and overwhelming.

Link up with local colleges and schools to offer opportunities to students with SEND to access the facilities, be involved in its set up, maintenance and eventual success.
Convert existing stable block into a kitchen area and communal multi purpose room to be used for group activities, children's parties and SEND courses/ support groups

Create and maintain an allotment area to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Create a volunteer family consisting of a variety of roles to assist with the smooth running of the retreat.
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